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The Elite Kingdom needs YOU!

Vicious Monsters are attacking the Kingdom.


Come join our forces.

Fight the monsters, gather XP and rise in the ranks on your way to becoming a Grand Champion.

Honor and Glory await you. Not to mention the numerous treasures to be collected. Some even whisper of mighty dragon pets following their masters into battle.

You can fight in the Slash Games by simply clicking the sword  emoji under the monster or, if you own one, the explosion emoji to explode your living crystal. When your attack is successful, you receive XP which helps you level up. As you level up, the more roles you can achieve, such as Warrior, Champion, and Grand Champion. By killing one of the monsters, you may find a reward, such as a chest or a dragon egg. You can also buy chests, dragons, living crystals, and more in the shop to help defend yourself against the powerful monsters. When the monster kills you, don’t worry, it’s not the end! You can buy a revival potion for 150 Elitecoin  by typing ‘rez'. Have fun, Slayers, and remember to protect the kingdom at all costs!

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