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Ever dream of being a pro gamer? For many, that will never happen - but thanks to Aircoins, not just gamers can now collect passive income by finding Elite, Dash and many other cryptocurrency’s in Aircoins AR APP. This Friday, June 28th, Elite coin is announcing its new partnership with the first augmented reality gaming platform rewarding users with cryptocurrency, Aircoins.  Augmented reality applications are exploding onto the scene and gaining popularity through well-known games, such as Pokemon Go and Ingress. Gaming integration is one of the most natural use-cases, and easiest introductions for cryptocurrencies to the general public. So it makes perfect sense that one of the earliest gaming currencies would partner up with this emerging gaming technology. Elite coin started in November of 2015 with the vision of integrating into gaming as in-game currency. Throughout the history of the coin, the teams have implemented paid gaming streaming, social media tipping, the popular discord “Slash game,” in which coins are rewarded and assets can be purchased with Elite coin with the integrated bot while playing, Minecraft worlds with additional opportunities to earn coins, and many other avenues for coin distribution and rewards. The Aircoins partnership will continue the theme of allowing users anywhere in the world to earn, receive, and utilize cryptocurrency, demonstrating the ease of use to the general public, and introducing more and more people to digital currency, thereby moving society as a whole closer to mass adoption.

Aircoins is an innovative augmented reality application that can be downloaded onto most Android and Apple devices through the Google Play Store and Apple stores. Users “treasure hunt” cryptocurrency by viewing the world through their phone, in which Aircoins, 1337 EliteCoin, DMD Diamond Coin, Dash are among over 40 crypto coins and many fun ERC-20 tokens, randomly populated on screen and can be “picked up” by the Aircoins user. Users store collected coins in their Aircoins wallets.  With their novel approach, the Aircoins team is rapidly gaining attention from the public and crypto enthusiasts alike.  Their website can be accessed at where preview videos and screenshots display the exciting capabilities of their application.  Elite coin adds another crypto option for the Aircoins community, and one that once again, makes perfect sense for Crypto and gaming enthusiast alike.

For any questions or suggestions, please reach out to the Elite coin team at their discord at and visit the official website at for more information about Elite coin, including the current roadmap, exchanges, and opportunities to earn.

Additional details said to be released after June 28th at noon. Follow Elite and Aircoins on twitter.

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